Press briefing with the participation of dr Mary Banihash

Instead of surgery – pressure on the leg or arm. The Chorzów hospital will be visited by a specialist in osteopathy. The guest of our Fundation will be medicine doctor Mary Banihashem from New York who conducted training for orthopedists from the Municipal Hospital Complex. During the lecture doctors will learn more about the innovative method of diagnosis and treatment of bones. The growing popularity of osteopathy allows for unique and complicated operations – the procedure replaces the manual examination. The training takes place thanks to cooperation with the Afriquia Foundation, which coordinated, among others cooperation between the Chorzów hospital and the hospital in Kigali.

We cordially invite you to a press briefing with the participation of dr Mary Banihash which will take place on October 21 at 9:15 in Zespół Szpitali Miejskich in Chorzów.