Małgorzata Kern

Małgorzata Kern - Sekretarz Fundacji

Małgorzata Kern – There is a song: “We are the world” by a band that never really existed but released this single single – a song sung by the best singers to help starving Africa. It always gave me chills when I thought how much could be done to help. It is true that, just like my brother – Bartek or my friend Jarek, I am not a doctor, but it was the memory of our youth that made us decide together that we would also act. And this is how the Afriquia Foundation was established. Guys – medics deal with the substantive part of our project, I am from the financial and technical side. It’s an amazing challenge, but we are doing it. What makes me happy is that I managed to make a teenager’s dreams come true and help – it’s worth dreaming… then act.