Jarosław Kurak

Jarosław Kurak - V-ce Prezes Fundacji

Jarosław Kurak – I am defined by my passions: professional – I am an anesthesiologist – and traveling. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to put them together. Unfortunately, I was too young, inexperienced, I had no people with whom I could achieve this crazy goal. Suddenly, three years ago, Bartek Osadnik told me that he was going to go to Rwanda to start cooperation with local hospitals. I reacted enthusiastically. Bartek is an orthopedist, I am an anesthesiologist, so we make up an almost full operating team. Could we have failed? Well, maybe, we are both not fans of bureaucracy. We desperately needed a person to help us master documents, permits, invoices and certificates. And here comes Gosia Kern – perfect, meticulous, and a journal with a human face.